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Safe use of Essential Oils

Essential oils are highly concentrated. They are 75-100 times more concentrated than dry herbs. They're use to benefit our mind, body and spirit. Bear in mind that they require respect and basic understanding of their applications.

Essential oils are used in increments of ‘less can be more’ when working with pure aromatherapy oils. Please consult a health care professional before using aromatherapy essential oils.

As long as you bear this in mind, essential oils can be used by almost everyone, depending on the oil and the dilution. Remember also that the effect created is an interraction between the oil, the dilution, and the individual. Some people are more sensitive than others, and should exercise greater caution.

Essential oils should always be diluted in a good quality carrier oil before applying on the skin (i.e. sweet almond oil, jojoba, sesame oil, olive oil, sunflower oil). The normal dilution for a general body massage is 1-3% (i.e. approximately 7-15 drops in 30ml carrier oil). Use a lower percentage is recommended for children and the elderly, and higher concentrations for topical application.

Please take care that no essential oil gets into your eyes. In case it happens, never try to wash it out with water, but rinse it with a fat oil (i.e. almond, coconut, sesame, olive oil).

Always keep essential oils out of the reach of young children.

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