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My Story is a blog on sharing essential oil, carrier oil and many other things that's close to my heart. 

It started because I was finding something to treat my histamine intolerance other than the anti-histamine pills which the doctor prescribed. I decide to take control of my health, and I know that I can heal myself. Through my search I became interested in essential oils and soon after I attended a course in aromatherapy to better understand how to use it effectively. As a Chinese, I believe in balancing my body and essential does that. It's easy to understand the concept. Since end 2017, I can happily says that my histamine attack is under control. It's been a huge relief for me. 

Like many others who are still searching for answers to their health issues, why not give essential oils a try. You've got nothing to lose. 

Try to buy good therapeutic essential oils you can afford - cheap oils won't give you the benefits, you're hoping for.

The essential oils that I use are from Oshadhi and Vedaroma. I can truthfully say that it works for me. Try it for yourself. 

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