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Yes, I finally bought a tabletop distiller. So excited.

My first distillation. I went to harvest rosemary from the garden and put it in the distiller. It's around 240gm of rosemary. This is fun. Let's see how much essential oil it will produce if any.

After an hour, I can see hydrolat trickle down the flaske :)

Finished product after 5 hours. I got about 200gm of hydrolat and maybe a few drops of rosemary essential oil. 

Where is home?

Back in the big city for almost 2 months. It gets easier to say goodbye every year when it's time to go home. Home is no longer my birth land. It is a land that teaches me patience, gives me love, peace and make time for me. It's where I step out of my confort zone and experience life. Smell the flowers, plant and care for my vegetables and garden, look at the bees and thank God everyday for the graces that I received.


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